RSS is the glue

I often get asked to explain RSS so I thought I’d create a quick blog post that explains a little about RSS and how it can be used. Rather than reinvent the wheel and bang on about what RSS is I thought I’d link to some existing resources from around the web that explain RSS better than I ever could.

A good explanation of RSS can be found at this blog. One of the interesting things you can do with an RSS feed is to incorporate the feed’s content into your web site or wiki so your content is continually updating without any effort on your behalf. My unit’s Wiki takes RSS feeds from blogs and delicious ( a social bookmarking site ) and displays the information at the bottom of the page.

Yahoo Pipes is a free service that allows you to manipulate RSS feeds to generate content suited to your purposes. An example of this is the RSS feeds on this web page where I’ve taken a variety of RSS feeds and filtered, joined and truncated them in order to list only the information applicable for my purposes. This information is also dynamic in that it is constantly updating without my intervention.