Learning and Knowledge Domains

I’m currently reading a book by George Siemens titled ‘Knowing Knowledge‘ which talks about four learning domains that are encapsulated by context.

  • Transmission Learning. Learning as courses. Developmental and formative learning happens in this domain. The learning in brought into a system and exposed to structured knowledge.
  • Emergence Learning. Learning as cognition and reflection. Personal learning and innovation happens in this domain. The learner acquires and creates knowledge.
  • Acquisition domain. Learning is self selected. Group, collaborative and needs-based learning happens in this domain. The learner is in control of defining the needed knowledge and actively enters the process in order to assuage personal motivations and interests.
  • Accretion learning. Learning as a continual embedded process. Most learning occurs in this domain. This is a function of the learners environment where they forage for real life knowledge when and where it’s needed.

Theses domains appear to have some relevance to the BProfComm online learning network project that we are currently undertaking. The individual courses fall into the transmission learning category and are hosted on the Learning Management System. The LMS in it’s current form struggles to facilitate any of the remaining three domains and it’s here I hope the online learning network can assist the students by helping to provide a context for their learning. With the students studying individual courses at an institution that is predominately course based I’m hoping that the online learning network will expose them to some real world knowledge brought by industry practitioners and past students thereby giving them a context for their learning within their chosen discipline.

Siemens, G. (2006). Knowing Knowledge. Retrieved from http://www.knowingknowledge.com.