Publications and Writings


Framing attrition in higher education: a complex problem


The problem of student attrition in higher education: An alternative perspective


Identification of ‘at risk’ students using learning analytics: the ethical dilemmas of intervention strategies in a higher education institution [under review]

The Problem of Student Attrition in Higher Education: An Alternative Perspective [in print]

Framing attrition in higher education: a complex problem [under review]


ASCILITE 2014 – Three paths for learning analytics: Moving from rhetoric to reality


ASCILITE 2013 – The IRAC framework: Locating the performance zone for learning analytics.

DEHUB 2013 Report Series – Learning Interactions: A cross-institutional multi-disciplinary analysis of learner-learner and learner-teacher and learner-content interactions in online learning contexts


ASCILITE 2012 – Analytics and complexity: Learning and leading for the future.

Solar Southern Flare 2012: Moving beyond a fashion: likely paths and pitfalls for learning analytics

DEHUB Quarterly Article

Journal of Learning Design – Exploring a cross-institutional research collaboration and innovation: Deploying social software and Web 2.0 technologies to investigate online learning designs and interactions in two Australian Universities


ASCILITE 2010 – Academic Involvement in the LMS

DEHUB 2011 – Graduate Attributes Paper (PDF)

ASCILITE 2010 – Indicators of Engagement

CQUni research expo presentation

MoodleMoot – Student Engagement (PDF).

Writing Project – Online Student Engagement (PDF).


ASCILITE 2009 – The indicators project identifying effective learning: adoption, activity, grades and external factors by Colin Beer, Ken Clark & David Jones.

ASCILITE 2009 – Bachelor of Professional Communication Learning Network: Creating an Online Community for Lifelong Learning by Ken Clark & Colin Beer

Writing project – LMS hosted discussion forums and fully online students.


ASCILITE 2008 – Bringing ‘second life’ to a tough undergraduate course: cognitive apprenticeship through machinimas by  Nona Muldoon, David Jones, Jennifer Kofoed & Colin Beer.

Life Long Learning Conference – Learning networks: harnessing the power of online communities for discipline and lifelong learning by Colin Beer & David Jones.


Writing Project – PLE (personal learning environments)


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