Update on the previous post

This post is a quick expansion on the previous post that was looking at the correlations between when students first access their Moodle sites and their resulting grades. I’ve expanded the data to include a much large population (35627) of distance students. The following chart groups students by their resulting grade and shows the average day that each group first accessed their Moodle sites. Note that 0 on the y-axis represents the official starting date of term. At CQUniversity courses are available to students 2 weeks prior to start of term which explains the negative values on the y-axis. The x-axis is representative of students grades which at CQUniversity are:

HD – High Distinction
D – Distinction
C – Credit
P – Pass
F – Fail

Average First Access Day Grouped by Grade

In response to some queries about what this chart is showing. The 0 value on the y-axis is day 0 of term, that is, the day that term officially starts. Moodle courses at CQUniversity are made available to students two weeks prior to start of term. So the students receiving C, D and HD grades, on average, accessed their Moodle sites prior to the start of term. P and F students, on average, first accessed their course sites after the start of term. I hope this makes sense?



5 thoughts on “Update on the previous post”

  1. OK, I’ll admit my ignorance. I have no idea what F, P, C, D, HD signify. Are they like A, B, C, D, E? Or the inverse? Is F good? Or is it ‘Fail’? I can make no sense of this post and the preceding without that information.

  2. I had some trouble understanding the graph as well, but for a different reason. I was trying to figure out what the bars represented.

    Does the HD bar mean that none of the HD students’ first access was after day 0? There first day of access was always somewhere between day 0 and 3 days before start of term?

    Similarly, none of the F students accessed the site before day 0?

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