A nice early indicator

Consider the following chart:

Grade averages based on when students access their Moodle courses

This chart shows the average grades for student groups based on which week of the term they first access their Moodle sites. I have used the following scale to calculate the numerical representation of their grades:

Grade Value
HD 7
D 6
C 5
P 4
F 1.5

The chart above shows the average grades for students based on which week they first accessed their Moodle courses. Students who accessed their Moodle courses before or during the first week of term average just over a credit grade while students who accessed after this get progressively worse. One interesting thing to note about this data is some data I’m currently looking at that relates to courses with final exams. For courses that have a significant proportion of their assessment based on a final exam, the impact of students accessing their courses later than week 2 is surprisingly large. Much larger than is represented in the above chart.



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