Start of a small project

I am currently working on a small project to help some course coordinators facilitate self and peer assessment of group-work in their courses. The concept is very simple and it is quite surprising that there appear to be very few tools available to course coordinators in this space. Basically, for a given group-work task, the students are asked a series of questions about how they, and their team-mates performed in regards to teamwork. This allows the learners to critically reflect upon their own learning which has long been shown to positively enhance the learning process. The students are provided with an opportunity to consider their own learning along with how they have learned and unfortunately these elements are often overlooked when designing assessment.

Essentially this project is extracting group membership information from the Moodle learning management system and emailing students a link that is personalized for their group. The link is a simple survey that asks the students to answer a series of questions based on their experience of the task the group had to perform. While not ideal in that it is a separate system from the LMS, it is hoped that this trial will help inform the development of a Moodle module that will perform the same function albeit in a more integrated and seamless way. Fortunately a colleague at my university has edited a book about self and peer assessment in E-Learning and I hope to make contact with him at some stage to get some feedback on the project.

Roberts, T. S. (2006). Self, Peer and Group Assessment in E-Learning. Bundaberg, QLD, Australia: Information Science Publishing.


4 thoughts on “Start of a small project”

  1. G’day Col,

    So there’s no way to do this in Moodle already? I guess it’s the combination of tasks/workflow that might find Moodle’s functionality lacking.

    Thought a combination of a mail merge facility with a survey facility would do it.


  2. What I am currently doing can be done with Moodle and that is the ultimate intention. This is a trial to try and figure out what we dont know. SPARK does self and peer assessment very well but at this stage doesn’t integrate with Moodle to prepopulate the groups, names email addresses, etcetera.

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