Linking student engagement with staff engagement for online courses

The following chart is one of my first attempts of using academic analytics to link student engagement with staff engagement.  I’ve argued previously that student clicks on the LMS are an indicator of engagement and so I’m trying to ascertain if the same holds true for staff, and even if there a relationship between the two.  As you can see by the trendline in the following chart, it would appear that there is some sort of relationship between the two.


4 thoughts on “Linking student engagement with staff engagement for online courses”

  1. This means that the staff as well as the student hits are almost similar, it seems that both are equally having participation to LMS system. Now as LMS are getting more advanced, more number of students and teachers will be directed towards it to ease their job.

    1. G’day Cullen and thanks for you comment.

      I dont know about similar but there is a broad correlation between staff activity on the LMS and student activity. I guess the point I take from this is that it is less about the technology and more about the willingness of the teacher to maintain a presence within the learning environment.


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