LMS content and communication

An quick extract from something I’m currently working on about LMS features that support content and LMS features that support communication. The following chart shows the evolution of these features over time in one particular LMS and indicates the dominance of content related features.

Picture 18

The following chart demonstrates the break down of distance student hits on these features.

Picture 19

This dominance of content features would appear to be a problem as it is contrary to research showing that effective learning occurs when students learn with computers rather than from computers (Oliver, 2005). Others have suggested that the learning process is transitioning from cognitive theories based on the individual to theories that stress the importance of the social nature of learning (Dawson, 2006) .


Dawson, S. (2006). Online forum discussion interactions as an indicator of student community. Australian Journal of Educational Technology, 22(4), 495-510.

Oliver, R. (2005). Using blended learning approaches to enhance teaching and learning outcomes in higher education. Paper presented at the International Association of University Presidents’ Teaching Showcase, Joondalup, WA.


3 thoughts on “LMS content and communication”

  1. Hi Colin,

    Just to let you know, Tanya, Julie and I got word this week that our research project into discussion board postings and depth of learning got up. We are going to be wanting to pick your brain re this work that you are doing. You have left me with plenty to think about after talking to you in Bundy the other day.



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