Quick Indicators Project Update

Some progress was made today on the Indicators project. We’ve consolidated back to to four broad aims.

  1. Col’s Masters project.
  2. Ken’s Masters project.
  3. Produce something useful for the wider CQUniversity community.
  4. Produce some publications.

One of the first things that we need to do is to get some publications happening as soon as possible based on the Indicators project.. Some ideas were bandied around today such as:

  • Col and Ken. Shane Dawson has several publications that link nicely to the data we are developing with the Indicators. One suggestion was to draw on some of the research he performed at QUT and compare the data extracted there with our Indicators data extracted in the CQUniversity context.
  • Nathaniel, Rolley and Col. Perhaps some data visualizations around some general indicators data such as overall results in the CQUni context.

2 thoughts on “Quick Indicators Project Update”

  1. For the second paper idea, and to connect it back to aim #3.

    Why not link the visualisations with the “survey” of Blackboard courses back in 1996 and its findings. Get a snapshot of T2, 2008 (or T1, 2009), compare it with the findings from a couple of years ago.

    And then, going into the future. Develop some idea of the distance between now and what is expected to be done in connection with the new system.

    Visualise the gap between now and 2006 and now and 2010. Then compare what was done to help staff from 2006 to now and what is envisaged to happen between now and 2010.

    Identify problems, if any, and make suggestions about how to fix them.

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