Fishing report 21/02/2009

A late decision was made on Friday night for a quick fishing trip on Saturday out to the barge. The barge is a wreck that I’ve heard was deliberately sunk at the end of World War II and is a popular location for local fisherfolk as it seems to produce good catches of Grunter.  Its located several miles outside of Corio Bay which is north of Yeppoon in Central Queensland. You can see where we launched the boat in the upper left of the following screen capture and the location of the sunken barge in the lower right.

Corio Bay
Corio Bay

We fished for about an hour and got some nice Grunter and we were particularly entertained when friends in a neighboring boat spent almost two hours fighting what was probably a very large shark only to lose it in the end. This spot is renowned for its shark population and we have often lost fish while reeling them in at this spot. Other than the Grunter there were a few Doggie Mackeral around but none of decent size. All in all a nice way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday morning.


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