1st workshop at Ascilite


Workshop 1. Educating the net generation.

Project web site

There were two sections to this workshop
•    Busting the myths about the net generation.
•    Designing /debugging higher education 2.0

I’ve tagged a link to this workshop’s activities with cddu ascilite on delicious.

This group has done some research as part of an ALTC project on the generational/demographic effects on student and staff acceptance of digital technologies in higher education. Some things of note from the research:
•    The sample demographic was largely younger than age 25. (84.4%).
•    Most had a mobile phone and a desktop computer.
•    <40% had a phone with mp3 capabilities.
•    Email is the most widely used medium by far.
Based on the results of this research they developed several scenarios where various “new” technologies could be integrated with existing courses with varying degrees of success. For example they integrated Flickr into a first year chemistry course and Diigo into an Arts course. While Flickr was a moderate success the use of social bookmarking in the Arts course was very poor due to very low participation rates.

One thing I did observe was that they tried to implement these technologies into established courses. I’m not sure that this is the best way to utilize Web2.0 or social media technologies. Going back to the interactions stuff I’ve mentioned before the LMS is great at the learner-content interactions whereas social media sites I’d suspect are more for facilitating learner-learner and learner-instructor interactions. So dropping these technologies into an established course and expecting them to work may be stretching what is possible. On the other hand I suspect this was done for institutional and administrative reasons, which is often the case.


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