Exporting a Blackboard 6.3 course to Moodle

Last night I attempted to migrate a Blackboard 6.3 course to Moodle as part of the CQUniversity LMS evaluation project. The course was an engineering course that was fundamentally a PDF repository with a structure of nested folders and some basic discussion forums. Moodle doesn’t support the Blackboard model and the migration tools provided with our “bare bones” Moodle installation didn’t really help at all so it was very much a manual migration. Luckily the Bb course was roughly broken up into weekly folders so at least that part of the migration was relatively simple. Some rough notes on the process so far:

  • Blackboard has a “explorer” style folder structure where folders can be nested within folders. The Moodle model doesn’t use this folder structure so I’m converting the folder structure into a week by week Moodle course. Note that this would normally require a content expert.
  • As the nesting of folders isn’t possible in Moodle I’m creating web pages with the folder contents contained within. Eg StudyResources/Assessment/Tutorial I’m creating two separate pages for Assessment and Tutorial.


  • When cutting and pasting content from Bb to Moodle I’m finding chunks of text that appear within the editor window in Moodle but don’t appear when the page is submitted. The styles have to be cleared by pasting into a standard text editor.
  • In the editor there isn’t any icons to denote common things like links and video.

David Jones is doing some important work which looks at the Blackboard model in greater depth with a view to understanding the overarching models of the two LMS under evaluation in comparison to our existing Bb installation.

A while ago I created a slideshare presentation on the Blackboard model

Blackboard@CQ Uni

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

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